Savantech develops world class equipment automation software solutions, helping our clients achieve significant competitive advantages by increased manufacturing performance, improved efficiency, eliminating human error, increased traceability of assets and accurate records. These solutions are embraced by all our clients across various industries, such as complex manufacturing, semiconductors, laboratories, healthcare (NHS), logistics, and environmental.

Manufacturing Equipment and Laboratory Test Automation

Savantech is a leading global supplier of equipment automation software (CoreTegral) and services to complex manufacturing industries. We have been helping our customers increase yield, improve productivity and obtain the most from their equipment since January 2005. Our experience in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, earned from having produced hundreds of equipment automation solutions over the last two decades, can help you return excellent ROI and achieve operational efficiencies that will make your business fly. Find out more. This same experience also provides us a unique perspective and skills in the provision of highly maintainable data driven solutions for other complex environments, such as Laboratory Test Automation.

Asset and Material Tracking

Collecting and maintaining accurate records of your assets can be time consuming, expensive and prone to error. Savantech has a solution that will put your valuable Company assets firmly under control. The goal of our system is to maximize your asset control efficiency and minimize your equipment loss, saving you money. Using the combination of mobile computers and asset management software, you will be able to conduct your asset tracking in real-time. This will enable you to become more efficient in your production planning and reduce downtime. You will also be able to schedule necessary maintenance or services for your equipment. Our complete solution includes identification, tracking and mobile communications technologies, so you can manage your assets accurately and efficiently, both in house and off site.
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Renewables, Environmental Sensing

Savantech’s remote weather station is used by a variety of industries and leisure enthusiasts. Our product is a fixed installation or portable device that measures wind, temperature and rain/humidity data, and optionally reports these to a website for easy access and analysis. Visit our Livingston Installation for the latest weather data.


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With the increase in regulatory pressures, customer demands and continued focus on costs, Savantech have developed a new Track and Trace product.

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Combine trace polling of production equipment and plant systems with dynamic limit monitoring.

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