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CoreTegral 3.0 Released, Friday 21-Dec-2012

The latest version of CoreTegral includes replication of production automation data to other databases for reporting.
CoreTegral 3.0 is the latest release of Savantech's flagship product for Semiconductor Automation. In addition to numerous requested enhancements, the key new functionality centres on making the vast amount of data collected from Equipment in production automation solutions more accessible. Optimised data replication, which functions even with Express versions of SQL Server on the production systems, pushes all automation data (e.g. run histories, trace data, equipment event data) to reporting databases that have the same schema as the production database. This allows the production databases to purge historic data, maintaining a small and lean database for run-time transactions. SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle are all supported for reporting databases, but the combination of SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services is a particularly appealing combination that allows rapid generation of web based status and reporting solutions that have access to both up-to-date equipment status information and large amounts of accurate historic data. A unique archiving mechanism compresses large amounts of equipment data within the database, allowing on-demand restores into the original tables. This is the key to providing a self-maintaining reporting database system that uses minimal resources to provide maximum historic data.

Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012, Thursday 30-Aug-2012

Improvements to the workflow editor, and the inclusion of state machines with Visual Studio 2012 are two key benefits to CoreTegral users.
Read the recent technical blog by Andrew Weatherhead to see an example of State Machines in action with CoreTegral 2.8 running on Windows 8 with Visual Studio 2012.

CoreTegral 2.8 Release, Friday 23-Mar-2012

Released today, CoreTegral 2.8 brings exciting new usability features
As well as perfomance improvements, CoreTegral 2.8 introduces the filtered log viewer, automatic configuration merging and the ability to remotely backup deployed automation solution instances. The filtered log viewer allows CoreTegral solution log files to be filtered while viewing, allowing faster location of specific occurences. Configuration merging allows template configuration updates to be deployed across an equipment type without overriding equipment instance specifics. The feature is backwards compatible and works by determining which configuration properties have been overriden for a specific equipment instance, locking only those against update by the new template. The new backup solution allows an exact copy of all deployed instances of an equipment type to be taken while they are running so that they can be reproduced exactly in case of a hardware failure, or for a rapid redeployment to another server. To find out more about these and the other new features in CoreTegral 2.8, contact Savantech.

New CoreTegral release, Monday 25-Apr-2011

CoreTegral V2.6 - Release in May.
Development was recently completed on CoreTegral V2.6, and it will be released at the end of May. The main focus of this version is Engineering Data Collection and making the data easily available to client analysis systems. Commenting on the challenges, Andrew Weatherhead explained “We were extremely fortunate to be able to work closely with customers who face the practical difficulties of collecting data from the wide variety of equipment capabilities that exist in any established facility today. The opposing requirements to ensure absolute stability of equipment automation solutions but also provide maximum data collection flexibility was the main challenge. By using low-overhead relational data caching we are able to provide InterfaceA capabilities with data supplemented by MES context information to EDA clients for even very basic SECS2 equipment implementations. Our on-going strategy of bringing mainstream productivity technology to Equipment Automation means that the data can also be accessed directly from the Microsoft SQLServer database for analysis by clients that do not have SEMI specific InterfaceA capabilities”.

New SECS Y-Tap functionality, Sunday 30-May-2010

New developments in SecsTap product allowing simple limits monitoring
Savantech Limited is set to release (mid-July with CoreTegral) an updated version of its CoreTegral SecsTap product. Solutions Director, Steve Barnes, supplies the details: "SecsTap is an intelligent software tap that integrates seamlessly and transparently into the SECS communications between the equipment and host software to enable the capture of detailed process parameter data supplemented by lot context information. The new, updated version has been driven by feedback from existing SecsTap customers who require limit monitoring functionality without having to invest in expensive APC and statistical packages. As a result Savantech's new CoreTegral SecsTap product provides limits monitoring of configured process parameter datasets allowing alerts to be raised to the host software indicating when configurable limits of a particular parameter have been exceeded."

New RMS release nears completion, Sunday 23-May-2010

Development of RMS Phase 4 with forecasted release data
RMS Phase 4 is now in nearing completion, and expected to be available for the CoreTegral official product launch. Technical Director Andrew Weatherhead says: "Functional changes include the extension of the existing recipe viewer module to allow online comparisons of different recipes for an equipment, and also export of the differences to file. This allows engineers to quickly see the key variables which vary between different equipment recipes. It is already possible in existing versions for the engineer to view the differences between a corrupt or modified recipe that has been found on an equipment at runtime, and the Golden copy that is enforced for all production runs."

Y-Tap gains functionality, Sunday 11-Apr-2010

Limits Monitoring added to the Y-Tap volume trace data capture
CoreTegral includes an integrated Y-Tap component, which allows high volume trace data capture from semiconductor equipment. The component takes advantage of the CoreTegral environment to give it the ability to both full integrate within a single CoreTegral equipment automation process, or to function standalone beneath a legacy automation solution without that solution even being aware of its presence. New Limits Monitoring functionality has now been added so that individual variables within sets of polled data may be monitored against fixed limits and actions taken to inform users or place lots on hold within the MES system when a violation occurs. Due to the open interface based design, new actions on violations can be easily added to solutions.

RMS joins the CT family, Thursday 1-Apr-2010

Established Savantech RMS product integrates with CoreTegral
Savantech’s RMS (Resource Management System) product has already proven its ability to use modern database and development technology to update and enhance legacy factory automation systems in 24 by 7 production, eliminating scrap caused by corrupt or accidentally modified recipes on factory equipment. Andrew says "RMS has now adopted the new CoreTegral environment to host the database server for increased remote management and monitoring capabilities. At the same time, a plugin has been developed for CoreTegral based automation solutions, giving full access to the RMS functionality. Both products are being actively developed, but with a heavy emphasis on backwards compatibility and ease of upgrade."

MS Visual Studio 2010, Tuesday 9-Mar-2010

We adopt Microsoft's hi-tech new development environment
Technical Director Andrew Weatherhead writes: "One of the advantages of working closely with Microsoft is getting the Beta releases of development products and early access to improved technologies. Savantech has taken advantage of this by integrating with VS2010 and .Net 4 prior to its official release next month. This gives CoreTegral an improved and more intuitive Flowchart style design environment for automated Run flows, and also improved Data Access capabilities."

Experience boost for the Savantech team, Sunday 30-Aug-2009

How to distribute data across a large mobile workforce
Through working as a software solution provider to a customer operating in the Waste Management industry Savantech have gained strong expertise in developing centralized database application solutions which integrate to remote satellite applications to create mission critical solutions with robust communication protocols over mobile data and web networks.

New! Remote updating, Friday 9-Jan-2009

Remote firmware updating for mobile device and microcontrollers
We have just released some powerful new functionality for a key customer in the logistics marketplace. Hardware Director Stephen Pegler writes: "Our project consists of a mobile device which controls the GSM/GPRS coms between mobile location and servers. In addition to the mobile device an AVR micro controller was used for I/O control, serial data processing to RFID readers and weighing instruments etc. Updating of our firmware was achieved for both the mobile and AVR devices via FTP transfers, this included setting parameters for communications and EEProm data on the AVR. Our customer was able to make significant savings by being able to remotely update, configure and monitor his equipment without having to do on-site visits."


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