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Software Developer vacancies, Tuesday 16-May-2017

The successful candidates can look forward to working in a friendly and flexible environment where individual skills are recognised.

We are seeking both a graduate developer and a more senior developer/analyst with up to five years' experience.

Software services and product development using Microsoft Development tools (Primarily C#, SQL Server, ASP.Net, MVC and WPF), but with a range of legacy technologies to integrate to and work with on customer sites (e.g. Delphi).

Savantech’s core business is semiconductor factory automation, with significant additional development and maintenance business in other sectors. This builds on the ability, fostered in semiconductor automation, to rapidly produce bespoke but robust, cost effective and maintainable solutions. Our reputation is excellent and maintaining the very highest standards of quality is the fundamental factor in ensuring our ongoing success.

You will require excellent communication skills, a software engineering focus, the ability to take the initiative and a proactive, motivated attitude. Confidence in interaction with clients is essential, inspiring belief that we will always go the extra mile to make sure that our customers get the best possible service. There may be occasional requirements to travel.
For the more senior position, we are seeking candidates with 3 years’ minimum experience in software development.

Please see a full listing for the senior position Here

Graduate vacancy details (PDF - 80KB)

CoreTrakk new product offering from Savantech, Tuesday 1-Mar-2016

With the increase in regulatory pressures, customer demands and continued focus on costs, Savantech have developed a new Track and Trace product.
Savantech have developed a new Track and Trace product that can either be sold as a “vanilla“ software package which can then be modified by the customer or alternatively can be fully customised by Savantech to meet their specific requirements.

The software package is built using a standard Microsoft development environment which can easily be configured into the customer’s current business software, be they large or small, and will enable products to be tagged and assets tracked through their processes. It has already been used during its beta phase by numerous clients and has shown excellent results by:

- Reducing waste in inventory and unnecessary labour

- Providing immediate information and meaningful data of product status which can be tailored to meet both regulatory and customer needs

- Configure to control the product flow, containers or items of any type via our unique custom state machine

- Easy flow diagram visualisation tool as standard

- Improved process efficiency throughout the product supply chain

- Significantly reduces “lost product” and “counterfeiting”

- Has shown total cost savings of between 25% to 35%

CoreTegral 3.3 Released, Tuesday 27-Oct-2015

Combine trace polling of production equipment and plant systems with dynamic limit monitoring.
Key new features are web based user selection of high volume production data collection plans, combined with plant enviromental and service systems, feeding at runtime into limit monitoring that features flexible expression based limits that can vary by time. Notifications of alarms and violations are managed through the same flexible mechanisms to allow rapid sign-down of production equipment based on process or environmental factors and direct notification of responsible personnel. The overhead of collection and monitoring is distributed to discrete automation solutions that also perform machine control, whereas notification is centralised and all data is fed back flexibly to backend reporting databases that can be sized and distributed to customer requrements. Reporting databases reflect equipment status delayed by only a minute, as well as holding all historic data.

Charity donations - 2014, Friday 30-Jan-2015

Hope And Homes and Macmillan Cancer Support - our selected charities for 2014.
Every year, if profits allow, we like to give a little back to the world and donate to some charities or organisations that have particular significance to us. This year we have selected two charities that do excellent work in different fields. The first, Macmillan Cancer Support, is well known and does wonderful work helping people in the UK who have fallen ill with this terrible disease. A board member's wife has personally been very grateful of their support in the recent past. The second charity, Hope and Homes, was selected due to their ground-breaking efforts to transform the lives of children across the globe who have been 'institutionalised' in dreadful conditions, by taking them out of the institutions and into a loving family home where they can be children - with all the hopes and ambitions that we take for granted.

Hope and Homes
Macmillan Cancer Support

CoreTegral 3.2 Released, Monday 14-Jul-2014

Savantech is pleased to announce the release of CoreTegral 3.2, providing increased support for integrating EDA beneath legacy solutions.
CoreTegral 3.2 provides a comprehensive update to the SECS Tap functionality, allowing legacy automation solutions to share in the integrated CoreTegral EDA functionality. Volume detailed trace level data can be tapped from beneath these solutions, but loaded into the standard CoreTegral database for replication and subsequent reporting in the same way as for modern CoreTegral automation solutions. Not only that, but a dedicated Web UI allows production engineers to decide on what detailed data is to be collected, as well as the notification limits (which can change by recipe, or any other parameter provided by the equipment).

Another CoreTegral automation solution in production, Sunday 1-Sep-2013

World leading silicon wafer manufacturer is the latest Savantech customer to 'go live' with CoreTegral.
A world leading silicon wafer (a substrate for integrated circuits) manufacturer is the latest to go live with CoreTegral based automation from Savantech. The solution was developed using CoreTegral, and integrates into their exising Oracle based MES system.

Pilot goes Live, Thursday 21-Mar-2013

Another live rollout of Savantech Asset Tracking
Savantech is pleased to report another live rollout of its Asset Tracking solution in the Life Sciences industry after a successful 3 month pilot. Savantech specialises in supplying “Technology that Fits”, using industry proven base technology to underpin a customer-centric solution.

New Fax Number, Friday 4-Jan-2013

01506 420251
A very Happy New Year to all of our customers! Please note that we have updated our fax number, effective immediately - our new number is 01506 420251.

Festive Greetings, Tuesday 25-Dec-2012

Savantech wishes you all the best for the festive season, and a happy and prosperous new year.
We'll be raising a wee dram to our customers and partners.

Scottish Renewables Conference and Exhibition, Sunday 26-Aug-2012

18-19 Sept 2012, Eden Court, Inverness

Savantech Limited will be exhibiting our renewable energy and environmental monitoring products and services at the annual Scottish Renewables Marine Conference and Exhibition held at the Eden Court in Inverness, this year running from Tuesday 8th to Wednesday 9th September. Please come and visit us at booth 38, if you are attending the show.

Semicon Europa, Monday 26-Sep-2011

11-13 October, Messe Dresden

Savantech Limited will be exhibiting our semiconductor equipment automation software products and services at the annual Semicon Europa show held at the Messe Dresden in Dresden this year running from Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th October. We will be one of the companies hosted on the Scottish Development International stand (number 567). Please come and visit our CEO, Brad Connor, if you are attending the show.


Software Developer vacancies »


The successful candidates can look forward to working in a friendly and flexible environment where individual skills are recognised.

CoreTrakk new product offering from Savantech »


With the increase in regulatory pressures, customer demands and continued focus on costs, Savantech have developed a new Track and Trace product.

CoreTegral 3.3 Released »


Combine trace polling of production equipment and plant systems with dynamic limit monitoring.

New Fax Number »


01506 420251