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State Machines - CoreTegral with Visual Studio 2012

31st August, Andrew Weatherhead

Although flowcharts have proven to be the most intuitively productive Workflows for creating automation solutions, there may be situations where using the new State Machine flows may be useful. In this article we create an example State Machine flow using Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 8, for CoreTegral 2.8

Useful Tips with Workflows and Parallel Activities

4th June, Andrew Weatherhead

Like all technologies, it is often not until Workflows are used in anger that the techniques to get the most out of them become clear. Here are some things that our deployment engineers have picked up on when using parallel activities in flowcharts.

CoreTegral and Linked or Cluster Equipment

4th October, Andrew Weatherhead

An overview of some features built into CoreTegral that are particularly relevant to the automation of more complex cluster or linked tools.

CoreTegral Real World Performance

15th September, Andrew Weatherhead

The CoreTegral template semiconductor automation solution uses an SQL Server database. This is unusual for an equipment automation solution and it provides many advantages. Does that make it cumbersome and slow though?

CoreTegral - Launch a custom workflow

18th August, Andrew Weatherhead

Do you want to use CoreTegral to launch a custom workflow whenever an event arrives from an automated equipment? This article explains one approach.


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